Why Use Social Media for a Political Campaign?


In the contemporary world, the use of social media in politics is on the rise. As such, many politicians are now using various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to interact with their audience. These platforms have changed the manner in which politicians are run and how the electorates communicate with their elected officials. Social media is preferred in carrying out political campaigns since they can be used in making the elected officials more accountable as well as accessible to voters.


There are several reasons why social media is used for political campaigns. To begin with, social media is preferred for political drives since it is cheap and flexible. This is because politicians can easily advertise themselves without paying anything. This is possible since whenever they place some information on their pages, their followers can quickly obtain the information. Secondly, social media is used in making campaigns viral. In the recent days, many politicians are utilizing Twitter and Facebook so much. This is because these platforms have proved to be instrumental when organizing campaigns. Through these platforms, like-minded voters and activists can easily share all news and information related to political campaigns.


Moreover, social media is preferred in political campaigns since it allows politicians to tailor their messages to the audience. This is possible since such campaigns have the potential of tapping into a wealth of information which typically follows them on the social media. Politicians are also able to tailor these messages since they are capable of penetrating into the analytic of all the individuals who support them on different social media platforms. For instance, these politicians might find a message which is appealing to a specific category of voters. By so doing they will be able to increase their following as well as their potential votes.


Some political also prefers social media since they can use it as a platform to solicit for funds from their supporters. There are many political parties which have succeeded raising vast sums of money from these platforms over a short period. What they mainly do is that they use different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out. Sometimes they usually tie these money bombs to specific controversies which are likely to occur during these campaigns


In some instances, politicians prefer conducting their campaigns through social media since they are assured of immediate feedback. As such, they can get more information on how they are performing as well as areas where they are supposed to make improvements. That is why many campaigners hire many staffers who monitor their social media platforms. The main work of this staff to get rid of any negative response and at the same time scrub anything which is unflattering.


Therefore, social media is a powerful tool for political campaigns. This is because it is cheaper and timely when it comes to relaying information. Politicians also prefer this platform since it is useful in getting their message out to their supports. Hence they can easily measure to see how it was accepted.

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